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Private Coaching provides a dedicated specialist who steps into your recovery journey. Together, you’ll rebuild your relationship with food and your body so you can find lifelong healing. 

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While you wait, why don't you check out a couple of our resources.

A workbook designed for anyone who is suffering with their relationship with food and notices binge eating to be part of the problem. Learn more about binge eating, explore your starting point, work through some powerful exercises and take a step forward in your recovery today.

Binge Recovery


This workbook is filled with journal prompts to support you in exploring self-love through recovery. The prompts guide you to reflect deeply, explore limiting beliefs, and recognise your strengths. It's a path of self-discovery and kindness.

Journal prompts


A creative and fun activity that is designed to help you stay connected with your motivation for recovery. In this workbook, we take you through the step-by-step process of making your own recovery vision board. This activity is suitable for any stage of recovery and for all types of eating disorders. 

Recovery Vision Board

Creative Activity

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