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Anorexia treatment, causes and symptoms

Anorexia nervosa is not simply a weight disorder or just about food. It’s a mental illness that profoundly affects an individual’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviours.

Are you or a loved one battling anorexia? Discover the different types of anorexia, when to seek help, signs and symptoms, and available treatment options.

Anorexia: Treatment, Causes, Symptoms & Recovery

Eating Disorders

Sep 26, 2023

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The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) defines atypical anorexia as meeting all of the criteria for anorexia nervosa except for the criterion of low body weight.

In this blog post we explore what atypical anorexia is, why the term can be unhelpful, and our approach to treatment.

What Is Atypical Anorexia?

Eating Disorders

April 24, 2023

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Today we hear from Abby, who recovered with us here at Natural Food Therapy. Abby shares her inspirational story through eating disorder recovery. A journey of inner strength and self-discovery.

“At 29 years old, I found the strength to get help for my eating disorder. And I believe it has been the best thing I have possibly ever done.”

Abby’s Story: Finding My Strength

Female looking at window reflecting on her story of strength through her battle with eating disorder recovery.

Recovery Stories

February 22, 2022


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