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As Covid restrictions lifted, we were shocked that 100% of clients made the choice to continue with our new online format rather than going back to in-person support.

This is how it all began!

How Our Online Programme Began

Female accessing online eating disorder recovery programme via her laptop.

Eating Disorders

April 19, 2023

date published

The festive period can be a difficult time for anyone suffering from an eating disorder. In this post, recovery warrior Isabella shares her personal experience of navigating Christmas day along with some wonderful festive tips.

Isabella’s Festive Recovery Tips

Female eating disorder recovery client sharing festive recovery tips

Recovery Stories

December 14, 2022

date published

Hazel’s experience of continuing her eating disorder recovery journey through our support group – The Community.

“Whilst we all have different stories to tell, we are united in our goals. To be truly free of this illness, to make peace with food and our bodies.”

Continuing Recovery With A Support Group

Recovery Stories

November 2, 2022

date published

This month’s recovery focus is intuitive movement and body image, and our podcast is Train Happy by Tally Rye.

Tally is a personal trainer who helps people to create a healthy relationship with movement. In this post we share some highly recommended episodes and resources.

Recovery Podcast: Train Happy with Tally Rye

Iphone and ear pods playing our recovery podcast recommendations.

Diet Culture

October 1, 2022

date published

In today’s blog post, eating disorder recovery warrior Lydia discusses how she navigated her fears around body change and took powerful steps towards body acceptance. Sharing difficulties she faced and a recovery tool that she found particularly helpful throughout her recovery journey.

Body Acceptance: Lydia’s Story

Women smiling, finding body acceptance as she breaks free from her eating disorder.

Recovery Stories

August 21, 2022

date published

Using affirmations can be incredibly supportive of eating disorder recovery.

We asked our recovery group to share the affirmations that have supported them most through eating disorder recovery. Here are the top 20 they found most useful. We hope they inspire you too.

20 Affirmations for Eating Disorder Recovery

Eating disorder recovery affirmations on pink background.

Eating Disorders

July 28, 2022

date published

Lily shares her experience of navigating a lapse and stopping it from turning into a relapse. A powerful step in her bulimia recovery journey.

“I now realise that what could have been the start of a relapse was actually an important part of my recovery journey.”

Navigating Relapse: Lily’s Experience

Female sharing her story on navigating relapse through eating disorder recovery.

Recovery Stories

July 20, 2022

date published

An insight into client Tara’s journey towards intuitive movement.

“My relationship with exercise hasn’t always been easy. I used to view exercise as a type of punishment during my eating disorder, but it has also been a huge source of joy in my life too, especially during my recovery.”

Tara’s Relationship With Exercise

Female running sharing insights into her relationship with exercise.

Diet Culture

July 3, 2022

date published

In today’s post a wonderful recovery client Abby, shares her recovery playlist and discusses how music has supported her through the highs and lows of this journey.

“When you feel isolated, it is incredible how a song can speak to you and make you feel less alone (Sam Smith nails this!)”

Abby’s Recovery Playlist

Eating disorder recovery playlist playing through headphones.

Recovery Stories

June 19, 2022

date published

Overwhelm for someone suffering from an eating disorder can be a distressing experience, often triggering increased eating disorder thoughts and leading to unhealthy behaviours, in an effort to cope.

Today, Ashley shares her birthday experience and how she was able to move from overwhelm to embracing her special day.

Tackling Overwhelm Through Recovery

Female reading about how to tackle overwhelm through recovery

Recovery Stories

May 28, 2022

date published

In this post, recovery client Katie shares her experience of the powerful recovery tool– visualisation.

“I genuinely believe that visualisation has been one of the most helpful tools during my recovery. It improved my relationship with myself today and has also helped me see that my goals are not too far out of reach.”

How Visualisation Supported My Recovery

A painting in a bright room with a painting showing the power of visualisations through recovery

Recovery Stories

May 6, 2022

date published

This week’s post is written by one of our eating disorder recovery clients, who shares her journey to intuitive movement with us all.

An inspiring and supportive read for anyone who is working on improving their relationship with exercise.

Ella’s Intuitive Movement Journey

Calming yoga space embracing intuitive movement for eating disorder recovery

Recovery Stories

April 9, 2022

date published

At Natural Food Therapy, we support each individual with the recovery tools needed to make lasting change. Your learning styles, strengths, passions and character traits can all be used to support your recovery journey. And something we champion for those who respond well to reflective tools is letter writing.

Body Healing: Jasmine’s Letter

Body Image

March 24, 2022

date published

Have you ever listened to the little voice inside you that reminds you of your younger self? Regardless of how much we grow, we carry our younger selves with us through each day. Perhaps it’s the unheard 10-year-old self that shows up when we feel someone isn’t listening to us, or maybe it’s the heartbroken teen who shows up when we feel a lack of attention or care.

Inner Child Healing – Danielle’s Experience

Women running free on beach reflecting her inner child.

Recovery Stories

March 13, 2022

date published

This week we stand with Beat the UK’s eating disorder charity, in their campaign to introduce proper training for medical schools on eating disorders. We discuss the current statistics with GPs receiving less than 2 hours of training in this area. And we hear from our recovery client Lucy, who shares her personal experience of accessing support.

Lucy’s Appeal: Eating Disorders Training For GPs

Client writing her appeal on her laptop to medical schools to provide proper training for eating disorders.

Recovery Stories

March 1, 2022

date published

Today we hear from Abby, who recovered with us here at Natural Food Therapy. Abby shares her inspirational story through eating disorder recovery. A journey of inner strength and self-discovery.

“At 29 years old, I found the strength to get help for my eating disorder. And I believe it has been the best thing I have possibly ever done.”

Abby’s Story: Finding My Strength

Female looking at window reflecting on her story of strength through her battle with eating disorder recovery.

Recovery Stories

February 22, 2022

date published

Today we hear from Sophie who recovered from her eating disorder with the support of our team and her family. Looking back on her journey, she shares her thoughts on how to be there for someone through recovery. A valuable and insightful article full of helpful tips from someone who’s been there.

Supporting Someone In Eating Disorder Recovery

A client who has recovered from her eating disorder, standing and reflecting in a field. Sharing insights on how to support a loved one through recovery.

Parents and Carers

February 5, 2022

date published

At Natural Food Therapy, the natural progression from private support is to join our recovery group. And at the right time, we believe this can become a valuable part of your recovery journey. Today we hear from Amber, who shares her transition from private support into group therapy.

Amber’s Experience Of Group Therapy

Two friends smiling in group therapy for eating disorder recovery.

Recovery Stories

January 14, 2022

date published

As we enter a new year, the traditions around setting resolutions and January diets can be full of difficulties for those suffering or at risk of an eating disorder. Today we hear from a sufferer who shares her recovery experience and some inspiring insights on how to approach this year differently.

Recovery And New Year’s Resolutions

Eating disorder recovery warrior setting new year's resolutions in her journal for 2022.

Recovery Stories

December 30, 2021

date published

Christmas can be a difficult time of year for those suffering with an eating disorder. The festivities are often centred around food with celebratory meals, changes to eating patterns, and social gatherings. All of which present their own challenges. In this post we hear from a sufferer who shares her experience of Christmas day.

An Eating Disorder At Christmas

Recovery Stories

December 14, 2021

date published

Dear Tiktok, I wanted to write to you to make you aware of some of the struggles I have come across on your platform, as an anorexia fighter and survivor. Firstly, I think your app can be such a positive and uplifting place. However, for those suffering with an eating disorder or for those at risk, there is a side to this app that can be extremely dangerous.

My Appeal To TikTok As An Anorexia Survivor

Anorexia sufferer in deep thought

Recovery Stories

December 3, 2021

date published

Through her passion for painting, a young adult in recovery from an eating disorder shares an inspiring piece of artwork. She talks about how she is re-connecting with her passions and using them to fuel her recovery. She also discusses her inspiration for the painting, and why we all deserve to flourish and blossom into the best versions of ourselves.

Recovery Painting: When You Grow A Flower

Recovery painting of a vibrant woman made from nature

Recovery Stories

November 10, 2021

date published

Diet culture can be tough to navigate when in recovery from an eating disorder. This week two of our recovery warriors have chosen to share their letters to diet culture with us all. As well as being thought-provoking and impactful, these are letters that deserve to be shared and celebrated.

Dear Diet Culture: Eating Disorder Recovery

Eating disorder survivor writing a recovery letter to diet culture

Diet Culture

October 14, 2021

date published

Dear Ed, I am writing to let you know that I have had enough. I am putting an end to this toxic friendship now! You have kept me trapped and isolated me, and made me believe that you were the only friend I could get. And that no one else liked me or wanted to be around me. You forced me into a life threatening relationship with exercise.

A Letter To My Eating Disorder

A letter to my eating disorder. This brave client gave us permission to share her beautiful and empowering letter to show you how possible it is to find yourself through recovery. The eating disorder voice can be loud and may at times feel like a friend. But when we start our recovery journey, we find a different type of friend within us. In this powerful farewell, this client shows that it is possible to challenge our persistent inner voice and to reconnect with our true selves and the world around us. She shows how transformative the process of breaking free from an eating disorder can be, and that her recovery is bringing forward a new friendship that stems from within.

Recovery Stories

August 13, 2021

date published

When you’re armed with knowledge, change truly can take root. Our free resource library provides valuable information about eating disorders and the recovery process so you can start making progress in your own time.

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