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Female crossing her legs and taking a deep breath, embracing intuitive exercise

Intuitive exercise, also known as intuitive movement, is a way of moving your body that focuses on listening to your body’s needs and signals rather than following regimented rules or schedules.

If you are new to intuitive exercise, understanding some of the key principles to follow can be a helpful starting point.

5 Principles Of Intuitive Exercise

Diet Culture

Mar 30, 2023

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An insight into client Tara’s journey towards intuitive movement.

“My relationship with exercise hasn’t always been easy. I used to view exercise as a type of punishment during my eating disorder, but it has also been a huge source of joy in my life too, especially during my recovery.”

Tara’s Relationship With Exercise

Female running sharing insights into her relationship with exercise.

Diet Culture

July 3, 2022

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This week’s post is written by one of our eating disorder recovery clients, who shares her journey to intuitive movement with us all.

An inspiring and supportive read for anyone who is working on improving their relationship with exercise.

Ella’s Intuitive Movement Journey

Calming yoga space embracing intuitive movement for eating disorder recovery

Recovery Stories

April 9, 2022


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