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If you’re reading this, you might be feeling overwhelmed, either by your own battle with bulimia or because a loved one is struggling. Although this journey may feel lonely and isolating, know that there is help available.

Treating Bulimia: Your Guide to Diagnosis & Recovery


May 7, 2024

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The truth is that there is no fixed timeline when it comes to recovery. For some, it can take months and for others, it can be years. Either way, the healing journey is an incredible journey of self-discovery that supports a happier and healthier future.

Here are some of the factors that can affect the length of your recovery process.

How Long Does Eating Disorder Recovery Take?

Clock representing the question: How long does eating disorder recovery take?

Eating Disorders

May 29, 2023

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Are you struggling with an eating disorder and feel like you’ve tried everything without success? It can be disheartening to feel like you’ve exhausted all your options, especially when you haven’t found the type of support that has really helped.

Our approach to eating disorder treatment is different, and here’s why.

Eating Disorder Treatment: Why We’re Different

Female therapist supporting client through eating disorder treatment.

Parents and Carers

May 22, 2023


Are you struggling with an eating disorder and need support tailored to your unique needs and goals? We offer personalised recovery days that take place in the comfort of your own home with an eating disorder specialist by your side.

Here are five reasons to book a recovery day.

What Is A Recovery Day?

A home environment represents the location of a recovery day experience.

Eating Disorders

May 15, 2023


Approaches to nutrition for eating disorder recovery can vary depending on the type and stage of the eating disorder.

We believe in a gentle approach to nutrition that meets you where you are today. Our ethos involves empathy, education and empowerment.

Our Approach To Nutrition For Recovery

Dietitian demonstrating gentle nutrition for eating disorder recovery

Eating Disorders

May 1, 2023

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As Covid restrictions lifted, we were shocked that 100% of clients made the choice to continue with our new online format rather than going back to in-person support.

This is how it all began!

How Our Online Programme Began

Female accessing online eating disorder recovery programme via her laptop.

Eating Disorders

April 19, 2023


Intuitive exercise, also known as intuitive movement, is a way of moving your body that focuses on listening to your body’s needs and signals rather than following regimented rules or schedules.

If you are new to intuitive exercise, understanding some of the key principles to follow can be a helpful starting point.

5 Principles Of Intuitive Exercise

Female crossing her legs and taking a deep breath, embracing intuitive exercise

Diet Culture

March 30, 2023


The month of February means Valentine’s Day, bringing our focus to the topic of love. Love can be a difficult topic when you are struggling with your relationship with food and body image.

Here we explore how recovery supports love and helps to create healthier and more meaningful relationships for years to come.

Love And Recovery

Finding love through eating disorder recovery

Body Image

February 14, 2023

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Dieting can lead to a preoccupation with food and weight that, for some, can become obsessive and harmful.

Here we explore some of the problem with diets, before highlighting 5 reasons that dieting may lead to eating disorders.

Dieting And Eating Disorders

Female eating strawberries, representing dieting and eating disorders.

Diet Culture

January 2, 2023


Christmas can be a challenging time for those in eating disorder recovery. However, keeping aligned with your recovery goals and a little planning ahead can support a positive outcome.

Here are 5 top tips to support you or a loved one through this time.

5 Recovery Tips For Christmas Day

5 Recovery Tips For Christmas Day

Eating Disorders

December 21, 2022


Eating disorders are complex mental illnesses that can leave sufferers feeling incredibly lost. The question ‘who am I without my eating disorder’ is one that many ask themselves as they work through recovery.

In this article are some powerful reflective questions to support you with this aspect of your journey.

Who Am I Without My Eating Disorder?

Eating Disorders

October 8, 2022

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Using affirmations can be incredibly supportive of eating disorder recovery.

We asked our recovery group to share the affirmations that have supported them most through eating disorder recovery. Here are the top 20 they found most useful. We hope they inspire you too.

20 Affirmations for Eating Disorder Recovery

Eating disorder recovery affirmations on pink background.

Eating Disorders

July 28, 2022


Lily shares her experience of navigating a lapse and stopping it from turning into a relapse. A powerful step in her bulimia recovery journey.

“I now realise that what could have been the start of a relapse was actually an important part of my recovery journey.”

Navigating Relapse: Lily’s Experience

Female sharing her story on navigating relapse through eating disorder recovery.

Recovery Stories

July 20, 2022


In today’s post a wonderful recovery client Abby, shares her recovery playlist and discusses how music has supported her through the highs and lows of this journey.

“When you feel isolated, it is incredible how a song can speak to you and make you feel less alone (Sam Smith nails this!)”

Abby’s Recovery Playlist

Eating disorder recovery playlist playing through headphones.

Recovery Stories

June 19, 2022

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In this article we discuss weight stigma and what health really is.

“Your healthy weight is whatever weight you reach when you are nourishing your body intuitively. When you are not restricting food in any way or compensating for food eaten. When you are neither strictly controlling food nor feeling out of control with food.”

Weight Stigma And Eating Disorders

Body Image

May 21, 2022


In this post, recovery client Katie shares her experience of the powerful recovery tool– visualisation.

“I genuinely believe that visualisation has been one of the most helpful tools during my recovery. It improved my relationship with myself today and has also helped me see that my goals are not too far out of reach.”

How Visualisation Supported My Recovery

A painting in a bright room with a painting showing the power of visualisations through recovery

Recovery Stories

May 6, 2022


Restaurants, cafes and takeaways with more than 250 staff are now permitted to display calories on menus, websites, and delivery platforms.

In this post we share our thoughts on this new legislation, as well as tips on how to navigate this change.

Calories On Menus: Harmful or Helpful?

Cafe with cakes and coffees now listing calories on menus

Eating Disorders

May 1, 2022

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NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming and is one of the forms of coaching we have incorporated into our eating disorder recovery programme. It is based on a powerful methodology that is full of practical tools and techniques. Our coaches use NLP tools in a unique way, adapting them to be highly supportive and safe for eating disorder recovery.

10 Principles Of NLP – Eating Disorder Recovery

Notebook of NLP for eating disorder recovery

Eating Disorders

April 3, 2022


At Natural Food Therapy, we support each individual with the recovery tools needed to make lasting change. Your learning styles, strengths, passions and character traits can all be used to support your recovery journey. And something we champion for those who respond well to reflective tools is letter writing.

Body Healing: Jasmine’s Letter

Body Image

March 24, 2022


Have you ever listened to the little voice inside you that reminds you of your younger self? Regardless of how much we grow, we carry our younger selves with us through each day. Perhaps it’s the unheard 10-year-old self that shows up when we feel someone isn’t listening to us, or maybe it’s the heartbroken teen who shows up when we feel a lack of attention or care.

Inner Child Healing – Danielle’s Experience

Women running free on beach reflecting her inner child.

Recovery Stories

March 13, 2022

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This week we stand with Beat the UK’s eating disorder charity, in their campaign to introduce proper training for medical schools on eating disorders. We discuss the current statistics with GPs receiving less than 2 hours of training in this area. And we hear from our recovery client Lucy, who shares her personal experience of accessing support.

Lucy’s Appeal: Eating Disorders Training For GPs

Client writing her appeal on her laptop to medical schools to provide proper training for eating disorders.

Recovery Stories

March 1, 2022


A question we are often asked is ‘when should I start working with an eating disorder recovery coach?’ At Natural Food Therapy, our coaches are essentially eating disorder specialists. Having trained in multiple disciplines from nutrition to counselling to eating disorders, and with a wealth of experience– our coaches are able to support you through several stages of your recovery.

When To Work With An Eating Disorder Recovery Coach 

A single flower representing eating disorder recovery and hope.

Eating Disorders

February 27, 2022


Today we hear from Abby, who recovered with us here at Natural Food Therapy. Abby shares her inspirational story through eating disorder recovery. A journey of inner strength and self-discovery.

“At 29 years old, I found the strength to get help for my eating disorder. And I believe it has been the best thing I have possibly ever done.”

Abby’s Story: Finding My Strength

Female looking at window reflecting on her story of strength through her battle with eating disorder recovery.

Recovery Stories

February 22, 2022

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Most people will experience a grieving process on their journey towards body acceptance. A powerful and necessary step that allows you to let go and grieve unrealistic expectations of what your body ‘should’ look like. Here are the five stages of body grief and some thoughts on how to navigate them.

Body Acceptance: The Process Of Letting Go

Woman in recovery from eating disorder, looking at her shadow, in her body acceptance journey.

Body Image

February 13, 2022


If you think you could be suffering from an eating disorder, reaching out for help can be full of worries and anxieties. With this in mind, we take care to promptly respond to each client query and offer a free informal assessment to those who we believe could be suited to our recovery programme. Here’s how we get to know you.

Your Eating Disorder Assessment

Eating disorder recovery clinic room for eating disorder assessment.

Eating Disorders

January 27, 2022


At Natural Food Therapy, the natural progression from private support is to join our recovery group. And at the right time, we believe this can become a valuable part of your recovery journey. Today we hear from Amber, who shares her transition from private support into group therapy.

Amber’s Experience Of Group Therapy

Two friends smiling in group therapy for eating disorder recovery.

Recovery Stories

January 14, 2022

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Setting intentions is an important part of eating disorder recovery. By moving into each week, month and year with clarity around what you are working on, you create a powerful path. Here we share four crucial steps to setting intentions successfully through recovery.

Setting Intentions – Eating Disorder Recovery

Eating disorder recovery client setting intentions for the week.

Eating Disorders

January 6, 2022


January is possibly the most challenging month for anyone suffering from an eating disorder. It can not only reinforce behaviours that you’ve been working so hard to change but can drive a depriving and punishing mentality with regards to food and exercise.

Coping With An Eating Disorder In January

Eating disorder sufferer pouring coffee in January.

Eating Disorders

January 3, 2022


As we enter a new year, the traditions around setting resolutions and January diets can be full of difficulties for those suffering or at risk of an eating disorder. Today we hear from a sufferer who shares her recovery experience and some inspiring insights on how to approach this year differently.

Recovery And New Year’s Resolutions

Eating disorder recovery warrior setting new year's resolutions in her journal for 2022.

Recovery Stories

December 30, 2021

date published:

The festivities may seem like an enjoyable time, but they can be filled with anxiety for someone in recovery from an eating disorder. The time spent eating, drinking, socialising with family and friends can cause stress and uncertainty. Our lead clinician Sasha Paul shares her top tips to support you with navigating the festive period.

8 Recovery Tips For The Festivities

Eating disorder specialist placing bauble on tree. Sharing tips for those suffering with recovery through the festivities.

Eating Disorders

December 19, 2021


When you’re armed with knowledge, change truly can take root. Our free resource library provides valuable information about eating disorders and the recovery process so you can start making progress in your own time.

The library gives you instant access to all of our resources in one place, including printable workbooks, digital resources, and new materials as they are added.

The Food freedom resource library

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